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                       Lebanese Forces, The Units Badges.

Each unit had a different badge and each one had a logo or a slogan and sometimes both, most of the badges had animals as a symbol, the reason is pretty much obvious for example (eagle = sky = planes).

the idea of having animals as a symbol was discovered by the first human beings back when they idolized animals and nature, the idea itself was developed and today most of the world's armies has those badges for example the U.S army chose cartoon characters for their badges since they are far away from the wars and battlefields, below you will find pictures of badges that the Lebanese Forces soldiers used to have on their uniform.


     Daeem Logisty        Wahdat l difaa      Handassa askaria


      Silah Hawawin       Silah l Madfaaiya          Maghaweer                            


  Wahdat l Mizaliyin    Wahdaat l Isaaf        Silah l bhriya


          Sadam                 Shorta askaria       Silah l tazalouj



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