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                                            Lebanese Airborne.


Paratroops in Beirut? Well, with all the foreign military types I saw running around Lebanon during an earlier visit in 1983, I wasn't too surprised to see a variety of wings pinned to various international chests, there were Marines from the Air Delivery Team of the Marine service support group air dropping cargo and then jumping in after it, and French foreign legion and Italians Army putting on performances of free fall over the devastated city.

What did give me a bit of a surprise thought, was the fact that there are two units of the Lebanese Forces (LF) Christian Militia with airborne status as well as quite few militiamen who have completed Para school on an individual basis.

Parachute training for the LF began with a military assistance program run by the Israelis, following their alliance with Bachir Gemayel, leader of the LF and who later went on to become Lebanon's president.

The Israelis started off their limited military assistance program on a strictly "Cash and Carry" basis. They offered officer training courses for platoon and company leaders of the LF, and some of these Christian officers were also allowed to attend the Israeli jump school as a form of aggression training during their stay in Israel. Later, other LF troops also attended jump school white they underwent various other types of specialized training in Israel. At that stage, ground training was conducted by Israeli PJIs (Parachute Jump Instructors) inside Christian Lebanon. Since that time, however, the LF have relied upon their own ground training school, and there are rumors that selected militants are attending jump schools outside of Lebanon. (unconfirmed reports suggest that LF militia troops may be jumping in France and South Africa) And some LF officers, who first served on the Lebanese armed forces (LAF) before joining the Christian militia, completed airborne training at Fort Benning, Georgia and still wear their US Army jump wings.

In March 1984 a parachute unit was formed to give departing members of specialized units of the LF-77 Special Force Battalion, Maghaweer commando unit, Anti-Tank commando Battalion, Commando Engineer company and Beirut Special Force - an incentive to stay in service and comprise as "best of the best" fighting outfit

It was called 101 Parachute company, and the LF claim the units title was inspired by the legendary Israeli 101 commando unit. The LF's 101 company has been given role of working behind enemy lines on operations in the traditional role of ranger and other commando units long-range patrols, raiding enemy garrisons destroying vital bridges and other communications.

The LF's 101 company was good in explosives' use, gang wars and all types of friendly and enemy's weapons including fighting against armors and techniques, in highlands and snow.


One of the most  important operations was in snik river (Naher sinik).Plo (Palestine Liberation organization) attacked this small christian village and took over dareb el sim east saida.The liberation was assigned to the LF's 101 company. A counter-strike on the hills destroyed points of Palestinian deployments. Huge losses in souls and equipments were caused to the Palestinians who weren't able to withdraw their dead. A full control was established within 2 (two) hours.

As for the Sadam unit, it's a secret fighting squad the civilians know little about. It participated in operations such as: Zahleh, 1981, Battle of the Mountain, 1983, when it clashed with the special Syrian forces which outnumbered them. Let alone Ekleem Al Kharoub and east Saida in 1985.

The structure of the LF changed, those units were canceled and became known as the "Special Forces" which includes the paratroopers, Sadam, 77 Special Battalion. What didn't change is their fighting skills.

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